National Biomedical Research Ethics Council

Improving Public Health. Promoting Safer Medicines.

NBREC is designed to help reduce the administrative burden on local IRBs and investigators while providing a high level of protection for volunteers involved in clinical research.


NBREC will provide sponsors of clinical research the ability to enroll patients into clinical trials significantly faster than when employing traditional method of IRB review.  

There is a large public health challenge posed by
Alzheimer, Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington, Lou Gehrig and other
neurodegenerative conditions that affect memory, movement and mood. The establishment of a national Institutional
Review Board for neurodegenerative disease (NIRB-ND) could significantly alter
the therapy-development landscape by promoting more efficient and effective human
subject safety and research.  Currently,
many geographically dispersed multi-center clinical trials for
neurodegenerative diseases require participating sites to obtain separate institutional
review board (IRB) approval. Often
individual IRBs have differing guidelines for each site creating a heavy
administrative burden and lengthened project timelines for study sponsors.  


The National Biomedical Research Ethics Council aims
to improve human subject safety as well as increase the efficiency and speed in
the conduct of large-scale multi-center trials.


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